From Thanksgiving dinner to Valentine’s chocolates, what do all holidays have in common?


We, humans, have an innate connection between love and food, whether its family gathered around a turkey dinner or romance on February 14. 

  • Your Mom showed her love by making sure you were well fed. You take dates to dinner to impress them.
  • You bring a lover breakfast in bed. 

Enough, already! Can’t we find healthier ways to express love and celebrate? And since it’s February, let’s think about ways to do it for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of focusing on consumption, what if we focused on things like:

  1. Creativity – writing a love letter.
  2. Attention – truly being present for our relationships, instead of being so distracted much of the time. (Here’s a hint: No cell phones at dinner.)
  3. Physical intimacy – however you choose to express it in a particular relationship. 
  4. Presents – that don’t involve stuffing ourselves.
  5. Communication – share exactly how you feel.

How will you express your love this Valentine’s Day? I challenge you to find a way that doesn’t involve food!

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