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Let freedom ring! And not just our national Independence from England. Instead, be sure to celebrate your own personal Independence this July 4th. It’s my favorite part of the holiday – even more than fireworks. Creating Independence is inspiring when I apply it to my own life. I’m not a history professor, but we all...
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In the history of procrastination, there’s no better time than Monday. “I promise, Coach, I’ll see you at the gym every day…starting Monday.” “My diet starts Monday – after one last weekend of fun.” Sound familiar? Maybe this explains why more people hit the gym or the running trails on Monday after a weekend of...
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If you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for. This is the sign to take action you’ve been delaying. This is the sign that “I’m waiting for a better time” is nothing but a lie we all tell ourselves.  So, I’m sorry (not sorry) to end the story...
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My grandpa used to say, “Life goes by so fast that sometimes you can’t believe it.” As a kid, I never really knew what he meant. I was always impatient for the next birthday or Christmas or summer vacation, which seemed FOREVER away, right? I bet you were the same way. Later in life, I started...
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