Want to know what bugs me? It’s the scarcity mindset. You know, when people say things like: “I don’t have enough time…” to work out, eat right, or pay attention to their loved ones. “I don’t have enough money…” to exercise, shop wisely, or help others. “I don’t have enough energy…” to get where I’m going. Want to...
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They say we’re the product of the five people we spend the most time with, so we better pick our friends and associates carefully. How do you manage that without shopping for new buddies or editing out difficult colleagues from your workspace? Well, take a moment to assign one positive trait to each of your...
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The promise of instant gratification kills more health and fitness goals than almost anything. Just the PHRASE “instant gratification” is a lie. True satisfaction can’t come by always taking the fastest, easiest option. It might feel good at the moment to, say, sleep through a workout. But it probably won’t be long till regretful malaise...
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Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” I agree! Do you? It’s really up to each of us to determine our success or failure on a given goal. If you think you can open a business, you’ll start putting together a business plan.  If you think you can run a...
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Everybody wants the secret to healthy living, right? Is it a pill, a protein shake, a cleanse …? As if there was a magic bullet or missing link!? Here’s the secret: Remembering your why. Look, even the Most Dedicated Human Ever will have days when she doesn’t feel like working out, eating right, and achieving...
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