Are you ready for the summer? That’s a loaded question this year, isn’t it? But despite the uncertainty all around us, let’s remember that summer is almost here. What does that mean for your healthy lifestyle? Well, it usually means looking better with fewer clothes on, as we spend more time outdoors, right? And that’s...
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Shred workout tables are set to the intermediate level. For the beginner or advanced levels use the Modified levels table below to determine proper exercise duration and rest times. Some equipment may be needed during these workouts may be light dumbbells or water bottles/jugs or resistance bands or ankle weights or a basketball or weighted...
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Managing your time is all about expressing your priorities. So, when you habitually say things like, “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I don’t have time to” do something important to you, then you’re saying this: My health and happiness are not priorities. Please, stop saying that! Here are a few simple time-management tools to prioritize yourself in...
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Did you ever find yourself in a certain situation, good or bad, and say to yourself, “How did I get here?” Well, the answer is (almost) always because of the choices you’ve made in life. Are you happy in your job? I bet you can point to some choices you made about whether to accept the...
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There’s just something powerful and restorative about spring, isn’t there? We want to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and the flowers, and – let’s admit it – maybe show off how we look at the beach or the park, right? For some people, it’s hard to feel confident, though. And this year – after the...
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