All you need is a good set of dumbbells of varying weights (light to heavy) and when suggested, a jump rope, any cardio machine, or the ability to do something with high intensity like high knees, step-ups, sprinting, etc. You may modify the workouts to your caliber of expertise and fitness level. You may choose...
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Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” I agree! Do you? It’s really up to each of us to determine our success or failure on a given goal. If you think you can open a business, you’ll start putting together a business plan.  If you think you can run a...
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Have you ever felt like food was your only friend? Like the only way to make it through a tough day was to eat, eat, and eat? I know I have! So have countless people. And let’s face it: Everybody overeats sometimes. But we should look at the reasons why. And ask key questions BEFORE...
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As tragic and difficult as the pandemic was, it seems some positive developments are coming from it. One of the most encouraging signs has been the growing discussion about preventative healthcare vs. reactive healthcare systems. Unfortunately, the world is dominated by the latter, which seem more focused on treating disease after a diagnosis and less...
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Some equipment may be needed during these workouts may be light dumbbells or water bottles/jugs or resistance bands or ankle weights or a basketball or weighted ball or cardio equipment like a treadmill or stair climber or jump rope. Just keep in mind that everything can be substituted with what you have at home. The...
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