Why do we feel like we have to choose? Between a successful career and an amazing family? Between taking care of our health and time with kids? Between doing the things we love and fulfilling our obligations? What if we could have it all? The family, career, health/fitness, freedom – because it’s possible. Most people don’t...
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Who doesn’t love a good bicep curl or bench press, am I right? But let’s think about this…in the real world, unless something heavy falls on you or you have to pull something heavy to you, exercises like these don’t really serve a purpose. Here’s the thing, I love it all – bicep curls, bench...
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Any time there’s a goal you want to achieve – fitness, business, relationships, really anything – and you aren’t progressing toward it, there’s one thing you need to know, which is that your values and your actions are out of alignment. If you value health, but your action is eating a bag of chips every day,...
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Have you noticed how many diet fads and trends are currently circulating the market? Ask any person who is ALL IN with one of these ways of eating, and their philosophy behind eating that way is nothing short of dogmatic. And I’m sorry, but that is NOT how nutrition should ever be, because there are no...
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This article contains content that will generate the happiest, most confident, most vibrant, most successful version of YOU should you choose to follow these instructions… Get crazy clear on your goals – what do you want in life right now that you don’t currently have? Create a plan – what do you need to do to bring your...
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