Why is loving ourselves so hard?

We know you are an amazing human.

You show up powerfully in the world, give so much of yourself, and you’re the best for others that you could possibly be.

So, why do we often struggle so much to love ourselves?

Seriously…we spend all day taking care of business and forget to acknowledge all that we are and all that we do.

We feel not good enough for so many reasons.

  • Standards placed on us by society we feel we haven’t met
  • Scars from childhood
  • Sadness from unkind words spoken to us or looks of judgment thrown our way

We put these pressures on ourselves to DO, but it’s just never enough – even if we are the last ones to get our own attention.

Life in 2019 leaves us feeling drained and chronically behind. But we want you to know, that right here and right now you have more than earned your own love. You’ve done and given to exhaustion, and we want to HONOR YOU for your selflessness.

So, take a moment. Now close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And with that breath, breathe in love and gratitude. And as you exhale, release everything you feel for yourself that isn’t love.

Repeat at least ten times.

How do you feel?

We’d love for you to comment below and share your thoughts.

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