As tragic and difficult as the pandemic was, it seems some positive developments are coming from it.

One of the most encouraging signs has been the growing discussion about preventative healthcare vs. reactive healthcare systems. Unfortunately, the world is dominated by the latter, which seem more focused on treating disease after a diagnosis and less on preventing illness and promoting wellbeing.

We all want a pill or a shot. But few of us will make the simple choices necessary to live a better life. And the reactive healthcare system fuels this kind of complacency.

During the worst days of Covid-19, we heard about this kind of thing a lot.

  • Exercise and good nutrition build immunity.
  • Overweight and sedentary people are at a higher risk.
  • Smoking and other lifestyle choices are even deadlier than we thought.

Now, let’s focus on how to focus on active prevention now rather than treatment later.

  1. Talk to your doctor and tell them you want to take this kind of approach. What do they recommend? What’s necessary? If you get stonewalled, find a new doctor.

  2. Be aware of your family medical history and any challenges faced by your predecessors.

  3. Learn which regular tests you should take and when, like a colonoscopy or prostate screen.

  4. Eat right, exercise, sleep enough and manage stress.

  5. This includes resistance training to keep muscle and bone strength – so that you’re less likely to fall and, if you do fall, less likely to break a bone.

  6. The smoking? The drinking too much? The drive-thru windows? DUMP THEM ALL NOW.

  7. Stay at a healthy weight to keep blood pressure, diabetes, and other concerns in check.

Your health is up to you, so take charge of it now rather than letting others do so later.

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