One of the most powerful ways to not only stay committed to your fitness and health routine but to fall in love with it is by supporting and recruiting those you care about to join you.
Less than 7% of people in the western world are “chronic exercisers” – meaning they’re consistent with exercise multiple days per week for an unending timespan. That’s sad and scary.
But one of the ways to ensure you get into the 7% is to lift up those around you. Lead them to join you in health. Recruit them in your mission to make everyone and everything in your life stronger, happier, and more vibrant. Don’t let them buy their excuses (and you don’t buy your own either). Because you know you love and care about those, who are close to you. You want the best for their health, strength, confidence, and more.
Start the change and be the change.

Take them by the hand and ensure that you and those you love never sit on the sidelines of life again.

And of course, if you want to become part of a community and movement of change that’s ready to fully embrace and support you, comment below and let us know so we can have a chat.

We’ve got you.

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