Any time there’s a goal you want to achieve – fitness, business, relationships, really anything – and you aren’t progressing toward it, there’s one thing you need to know, which is that your values and your actions are out of alignment.

If you value health, but your action is eating a bag of chips every day, you’re out of alignment.

If you value being fit, but your action is delaying exercises day after day until weeks go by, you’re out of alignment.

If your value is to be able to quit your job and support yourself with your own business, but you’re too tired to work on building it daily, you’re out of alignment.

When you look at it this way, achieving great things in life isn’t all that hard actually.

It’s a matter of checking in on your actions every single day to see whether or not they are in alignment with the goals you have. 

If they aren’t, ask yourself, “what would be more aligned with my goals/values?” Then do that thing. 

We hope this is helpful for you!

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