The promise of instant gratification kills more health and fitness goals than almost anything.

Just the PHRASE “instant gratification” is a lie. True satisfaction can’t come by always taking the fastest, easiest option. It might feel good at the moment to, say, sleep through a workout. But it probably won’t be long till regretful malaise follows.

Seriously. When did you ever inhale that cupcake and feel good about it later?

Instead, think about what brings lasting gratification – about what brings satisfaction not just now but later, as well. What’s the Next Right Step on your path to success, which comes not with a bang but after countless little decisions to honor your intentions.

Consider what your future self would thank you for, and act accordingly. Will Future You be grateful to Present You that you:

  1. Put in the workout today, meditated, and had a sensible dinner, or

  2. Blew off another promise you made to yourself?

The answer’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

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