How Do You Win At Your Goal?

Have you ever noticed the speeches that actors give when they win awards? It’s not just “I’d like to thank the Academy anymore!

They almost always thank their “team” of agents, managers, publicists, hair & makeup artists – plus their families and friends, and of course their director and castmates.

They’re making a point we should all remember in our fitness pursuits:

Nobody reaches a big goal without the support of others.

Quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls. Teams do.

CEOs don’t post big profits. Companies do.

Similarly, in pursuing your own fitness goals, you’re the star, the QB, and the chief executive officer – and just like them, you need awesome support around you.

Providing that sense of team is what we strive to do in our business.

You can also get it from your spouse or partner, children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Think of what you need from other people and who can provide it.

  • Can your spouse agree to pick up the kids on days when you’re working out? Can friends understand when you don’t want to have chips and margaritas?
  • Can a co-worker be a healthy-lunch buddy?

It’s a simple fact that you’re more likely to succeed if you have supportive people around you.

Build your team – and get your speech ready.

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