Sometimes when I’m exercising, I want to quit before my workout is done. Don’t you?

I’m breathing heavy but not in a good way yet. I’m thinking about all the errands I need to run later.

So, what keeps you going? For me, I’ve found that nothing is as powerful as reminding myself that I have a goal to improve — and if I get off the treadmill now, I’m giving in to my old, “No thanks, I’m okay like this” attitude.

In business and pop psychology, they call it a growth vs. fixed mindset. In physics, it’s something about “an object in motion stays in motion,” while one that sits on the couch all day eating chocolate tends to… well, you get the picture.

Growth vs. fixed – Am I doing what it takes to improve, or do I blow it off when things get tough? You’ve heard this definition of insanity, right? It’s doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results!

A fixed mindset is limiting. It says we can:

  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily
  • Get mad when other people succeed
  • And that we never get better at anything.

That’s terrible! I don’t want to live like that, and I know you don’t, either.

Choose freedom instead of a GROWTH mindset. It leads:

  • To persevering despite setbacks

  • To putting in the effort to build new skills

  • To accepting criticism

  • And to inspiring others.

That’s what healthy living is all about: freedom. Let’s grow together. Registration opens this Tuesday, May 11th, at 11:59 PM CST for our 28-Day Metabolic Switch Challenge. You’ll receive a fun & easy nutrition lifestyle plan, at-home workouts for those without the time to hit the gym, complete VIP access to our library of downloads, including dining out swaps and our famous fat-loss smoothie guide. And if that wasn’t enough – the grand prize winner of the challenge wins a 5-Day & 4-Night all expenses paid star vacation. We’ll also have runners-up winners that will have the chance to with cash as well! 

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