What You Appreciate… Appreciates

Think about a time when someone showed appreciation for you. Maybe your boss thanked you in front of the whole team and even described how your extra effort made a big difference for the company.

How did you feel? 

It felt amazing, didn’t it? And it spurred you to grow even more. You probably felt encouraged to do a good job again the next time, right?

That’s a great example of a powerful principle we can apply in all aspects of our lives, including our exercise and nutrition habits.

What you appreciate, appreciates. What you value then grows in value.

Here are a few more examples.

  • When you show your partner how you appreciate certain behavior, he or she is likely to do it more.
  • When you lose a few pounds, you’re happy – and also encouraged to continue eating right and going to the gym.
  • When you nurture friendships by spending time on them, those people feel good – and the relationships deepen over time.

The word “appreciate” has multiple meanings. It can mean that we notice something. Then that we’re thankful for it and that we place a value on it. But the word also means “to grow,” as in a financial investment.

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you feel better emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The benefits of that investment appreciate and compound – so you, in turn, want to keep eating right and exercising and enjoying all the positive, wonderful gifts around you.

If you want something to appreciate, show how much you appreciate it, including yourself.

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