Let freedom ring!

And not just our national Independence from England. Instead, be sure to celebrate your own personal Independence this July 4th. It’s my favorite part of the holiday – even more than fireworks. Creating Independence is inspiring when I apply it to my own life.

I’m not a history professor, but we all remember that the colonies stood up to a bad situation and deliberately forged a new, brighter path – right? They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they had their goals, reasons, and will.

Well, you can do the same thing in your exercise, diet, and lifestyle goals. Set your goals, backed by personal reasons, and pursue them with the mindset of determination and never backing down.

You can create your own revolution.

Independence means claiming personal responsibility, power, and autonomy to live our lives as we choose. We’re all independent individuals responsible for our own lives – especially our health.

No one else can get you to exercise regularly, stop eating junk food or adopt a more positive self-image. People can help you do those things – but it’s up to you to light the fire inside and get the party started.

Independence starts with a decision.

Make yours today!

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