In all the time we’ve been helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we’ve learned what separates those who succeed from those who struggle or fail: Determination.

Simply put, are you willing to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself and your health?

If you are, then nothing can stop you. But if you’re not, well, let’s consider some of the most common deal-breakers that could get in your way.

  1. I got too busy with work and family. I got sick and didn’t feel like it.
  2. I got a new significant other who takes up all my time and loves me the way I am.

It’s an endless list of “I gots” that can mess us up the most. But it’s only because we haven’t fully committed to doing whatever it takes. So, if we’re willing to go to any length to exercise, eat right, and more, then here’s how we might approach those obstacles.

  1. We all have demands on our time. You have to commit to scheduling your workouts, shopping, meal prep, etc., and MAKE THEM A PRIORITY. Even when the kid is sick, and the boss is holding you to a deadline.
  2. We all get sick sometimes. The key is to get back at it as soon as possible. As for the days when you don’t “feel like it,” well, let’s say this: If you’re not sick, it’s still OK to take a day off here and there, or to have a cheat meal, etc. Just don’t make a habit of it!
  3. We all want love. But there’s no reason you can’t manage time for yourself and time with them too.

It’s all about commitment. And it helps to think about that word starting with a little ‘c’ – which means you only have to make the right choices today, realizing that’s how you build up long-term habits. Then, over time, it’s those good habits that keep us from feeling overwhelmed.

One day at a time, the next best decision, day after day. That’s commitment. Is yours strong enough?

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