If you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT.

  • This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.
  • This is the sign to take action you’ve been delaying.
  • This is the sign that “I’m waiting for a better time” is nothing but a lie we all tell ourselves. 

So, I’m sorry (not sorry) to end the story of “I’m waiting for a better day.” There is no better day. Today is it.

You just got THE SIGN, after all!

Start right now. Take one step in the direction you want, even if you feel unconfident or anxious. Do one thing to begin reaching your goals. One action leads to another and another.

It doesn’t matter what those goals are. Maybe you want to get in better physical shape, start eating better, improve a relationship, or save more money.

The point is that all of these things involve a commitment of DOING – and a commitment of doing OVER TIME.

Time doesn’t start when you want it to, or when it’s convenient for you, or when everything in your life lines up in a perfect row. That’s what we call a fantasy.

The reality of living YOUR life on YOUR terms? That starts with action. RIGHT NOW.

You got this.

If you’re ready to live your life right now, then here’s the thing for you. It’s our LeanBody21 Plant-Powered Cleaning Eating Challenge. It will help with plant-based diet swaps, tracking macros, intermittent fasting, gut health & emotional wellness, a fun & easy nutrition plan, mindset & motivation, a private VIP support group, plus at-home, travel & gym workouts! All while having the chance to win $2,000 in cash prizes for your results! Registration is open for a limited time. Register now!

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