The only reason you haven’t achieved fitness success

Let me tell you about my friend.

She’s in her 40s, divorced, and raising two kids. She’s busy but comfortable and enjoys a nice life.

But every few months, she tells me how she wants to start working out and lose weight.

Of course, I always encourage her.

And then she says, “But I can’t. You know the kids have so much going on right now, and my busy season is coming up at work. Maybe later, I guess.”

The next time this happens, I’m going to gently point out that she is her own worst enemy in this. When she sees something she wants, instead of making a plan to get it, she creates barriers to get in her way. That way, she always has a handy excuse to put off taking those first difficult steps toward making real change.

Her kids and her job are not the barriers. She’s holding onto old ideas about herself – those limiting self-beliefs that everyone has.

What about you? Do you have a friend like this? Or do you build your own barriers to success? Let’s talk it out. I’m sure we can develop a healthy way to get you where you want to be.

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