“I’ll never love my body again”

Those were the words he/she uttered behind a quivering voice after sharing a story full of struggle, self-loathing, frustration, and disappointment.

My client had put on weight and had been in denial about it for a while. Unwilling to accept reality and reluctant to commit to changing behaviors. Months went by, and then it turned into a few years.

He/she couldn’t explain how he/she ended up speaking with me that day.

Where had the time gone?
How had they gotten so out of control?
How had they not seen it coming more clearly?
And most frustratingly, why hadn’t he/she taken action sooner!?

Have you ever been there? This is the experience most of our clients have when we first speak before they’ve taken their first step.

We are motivated by PAIN to change, and it’s in the moment that remaining the same feels more painful than changing that we’re able to commit.

Sitting in shame that day, he/she finally committed to making the change.

He/she couldn’t imagine another week or another month feeling this way. So, he/she said yes to him/herself and me. We worked on food, fitness, and mindset. He/she had the support and accountability necessary to follow through. The results weren’t just physical – getting back into old clothes, etc.

They were so much bigger than that.

Newfound confidence.
Proud of what they’d accomplished.
A closer connection to their spouse.
A better social life.
Feeling like his/her formerly vibrant self.
Loving his/her body again – just like he/she never believed was possible.

This is what happens when you commit to getting healthier. It’s not just about the torture of giving up the things you love. It’s about everything that you’ll gain.

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