Workout Wednesday
Here’s a quick little routine to get a sweat on anywhere! All you need is a set of stairs and a soft spot for your tail bone (abs)! Comment how it went! Equipment Needed: Stairs Heart Lungs 10 Rounds: 15 Deep Squat Stair Jumps. 15 Walking Lunges – (right, left is 1 rep). 1 Stair...
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BODY WEIGHT HIIT – ~ Superset the 2 Exercises together for 4 rounds. ~ Then move to the next 2 exercises. ~ Rest 1 min between rounds. Jumping Jacks – 4 x 50 Speed Skaters – 4 x 40 Burpees – 4 x 30 Butt Kicks – 4 x 40 Mountain Climbers – 4 x...
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7-minute of AMRAP Set your timer! In seven minutes, do As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) of the following: > 10 Lunges > 10 Mountain Climbers > 10 Pushups  Post your # of rounds completed below or on social media using #SBFAMRAP and tag @SculptorBodyFit when done   LIVE. LIFE. SCULPTED.
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@sculptorbodyfit’s comin at you with a Leg Routine Busy ‘N Fit Style (on International Chest Day 😂) Short and Sweet! Here goes: Warm-Up to increase stability and strength in the core area… • Superset – Back Extensions and Hanging Knee or Leg Raises 3 x 20 Then… • Squats 2 sets of 10 warm ups...
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What’s up – it’s the SculptorCoach, and the following is one of my favorite simple & quick workouts that I’ve put together for people with a busy schedule. The best part about this workout is that you can do it at home, in the hotel while traveling, or in the gym.  Check it out: 15...
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