Tips and Hacks
Everybody wants to have a happy summer. Vacations, sunshine, cookouts! So fun! So, let’s share a few tips here for how to keep all those activities healthy. The main things are simple: Get outside; Exercise; And eat right. You know that already, but it can’t be said enough! Go for a walk every morning or...
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Managing your time is all about expressing your priorities. So, when you habitually say things like, “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I don’t have time to” do something important to you, then you’re saying this: My health and happiness are not priorities. Please, stop saying that! Here are a few simple time-management tools to prioritize yourself in...
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There’s just something powerful and restorative about spring, isn’t there? We want to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and the flowers, and – let’s admit it – maybe show off how we look at the beach or the park, right? For some people, it’s hard to feel confident, though. And this year – after the...
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From Thanksgiving dinner to Valentine’s chocolates, what do all holidays have in common? Food! We, humans, have an innate connection between love and food, whether its family gathered around a turkey dinner or romance on February 14.  Your Mom showed her love by making sure you were well fed. You take dates to dinner to...
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It’s no secret that the New Year brings on new inspiration and desire for health. We don’t need to repeat it, but we will remind you that less than 10% will still be pursuing their resolution within just a few months. I believe that one of the reasons people fall off the wagon is because...
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