Sometimes when I’m exercising, I want to quit before my workout is done. Don’t you? I’m breathing heavy but not in a good way yet. I’m thinking about all the errands I need to run later. So, what keeps you going? For me, I’ve found that nothing is as powerful as reminding myself that I...
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Think about a time when someone showed appreciation for you. Maybe your boss thanked you in front of the whole team and even described how your extra effort made a big difference for the company. How did you feel?  It felt amazing, didn’t it? And it spurred you to grow even more. You probably felt...
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I went for a walk in the park the other day. It was packed with people out enjoying the sunshine, warmer temperatures, and just being out and about again after the pandemic restrictions. It was just a nice spring day. It was normal. Well, almost. Most people still wore masks. A lot of stores were...
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Did you ever find yourself in a certain situation, good or bad, and say to yourself, “How did I get here?” Well, the answer is (almost) always because of the choices you’ve made in life. Are you happy in your job? I bet you can point to some choices you made about whether to accept the...
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I have a confession. I want deep fulfillment in life. I want passionate love, close relationships, meaningful work, and a sense that I’m contributing to make the world a better place. But a few years ago, I realized I was going through the motions – not behaving as if I committed to achieving deep fulfillment....
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