OK, it’s time for annual inventory! That’s right. Get out a pen and pad and take stock – of your 2021 goals, the progress you made, and what you can still work on before the calendar turns to 2022. Here’s our step-by-step guide. Write a list of your successes for the year; another list for...
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Compared to the majority of people who have ever lived, we enjoy unimaginable comforts. Plenty of food. No wild animals trying to turn us into their dinner. Medical care improves our health and extends our lives. The list goes on and on. So, we should be happy, right? Well, it’s not so simple. In recent...
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It’s been a tough 18 months on everyone, and sometimes it seems like nothing’s going to get better out there. All over the world and here at home, people are worn out, stressed, and confused, right? Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing we can do. But there is. And that’s simple: We’ve gotta look out...
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Let’s get to it. The idea of being “ready” is unrealistic for making healthy choices as adults. Why? Because we can’t always be “ready.” And if we insist on waiting until we are, then we might be waiting forever. When we plan to adopt healthy habits like exercising and eating right, this ideal state of...
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Want to know what bugs me? It’s the scarcity mindset. You know, when people say things like: “I don’t have enough time…” to work out, eat right, or pay attention to their loved ones. “I don’t have enough money…” to exercise, shop wisely, or help others. “I don’t have enough energy…” to get where I’m going. Want to...
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