Getting started
As we wrap up an entire DECADE, it’s an excellent opportunity to reflect and begin to create an even more powerful future. What kind of person do you want to be in 2020 and beyond?  The one who says tomorrow or next month or next year OR the one who takes action now? The kind who allows...
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I LOVE the concept of goal setting. In fact, I think it’s critical for long-term success. The problem arises when we align the goal to a specific time of year that both prevents us from taking action NOW and gives us permission to abandon the goal once that time of year passes. Let me explain:...
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When you aren’t where you want to be in any area of life, whether it’s your body and health, your relationships, or even your financial/work life, it’s for one reason.  Your VALUES are misaligned with your ACTIONS. Let’s say you want to lose weight. Weight loss becomes your value. But you keep hitting the drive-thru...
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Think back to where you were in January of 2010. What were you doing with your life? How did you look and feel? The chances are that some parts of the 2020 experience for you feel like yesterday, while other parts feel like a distant memory. You see, the entering of a new decade is...
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There’s always so much build-up leading to the holidays. And whether you love the holidays or not, there’s always a little bit of a let down that comes after January 1. All the planning that leads to fun days with family has ended. You’re back at work. Kids are back at school. It’s almost like the...
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