Getting started
This was a common saying in my household growing up. I know my mom was trying to teach me patience (and keep me from eating dessert before dinner), but this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Waiting gets you absolutely nowhere. Waiting perpetuates the current situation. So, if you want good things, create a...
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If you want to change your body, one of the most common defaults for people to fall into is research mode. They read all the articles that come up in their social media newsfeed. They do all the Googling. They ask all of their friends what’s worked for them. They buy books and magazines. All...
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“Just eat better and get more exercise.” It doesn’t sound that hard; does it? In theory, it’s not. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, or be healthier and have more energy, the path to get there is relatively simple. It’s just a matter of doing the work. But here’s where it gets...
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People often ask us: “How can I become more consistent with exercise and eating, right?” And I think a lot of times our answer surprises people. Do you want to know what it is? 😀 DECIDE. That’s our answer. And it’s insanely simple. Because truthfully, if you want to start exercising more and eating well,...
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95% of people just quit too soon. I swear, the more I learn and work with clients, the more I realize that success comes to those who don’t quit and who show up consistently. There’s no magic business bullet that guarantees health, fitness, weight loss, etc. More than ever, people are fed lies about what...
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