Getting started
I have a friend who had a roommate who was always too tired to do something. Or too busy. Or too broke. She always relied on one of those “reasons” for why she couldn’t achieve something she said she wanted. And at some point, my friend got tired of trying to motivate and encourage her....
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Every January, millions of people make promises to themselves in New Year’s Resolutions. “This is the year I finally get in shape!” “This is the year I lose the weight!” “This is the year I start my business!” And then by every February, the vast majority have failed already. Let’s talk about why. If we...
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What’s the secret to getting the results you want in exercise, weight loss, or just about anything? Is it reaching Big Goals? Is it driving yourself into the ground constantly with miserable hard work? Nope. It’s just taking the right, small actions – moment to moment, day-to-day as often as you can. It doesn’t even...
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Why do we feel like we have to choose? Between a successful career and an amazing family? Between taking care of our health and time with kids? Between doing the things we love and fulfilling our obligations? What if we could have it all? The family, career, health/fitness, freedom – because it’s possible. Most people don’t...
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Those were the words he/she uttered behind a quivering voice after sharing a story full of struggle, self-loathing, frustration, and disappointment. My client had put on weight and had been in denial about it for a while. Unwilling to accept reality and reluctant to commit to changing behaviors. Months went by, and then it turned...
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