If you’re like me, then you’re probably always looking for opportunities to get more exercise, or at least more movement, in your daily life. The good news is, we can move more in all kinds of ways every day, without taking a trip to the gym or putting on our running shoes. Here are a...
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Here’s something that bugs me. The way we are always told to be the best. I grew up being told by a lot of people that I had to always excel at EVERYTHING. Sometimes I achieved my goals, but whenever I fell short, sometimes it made me feel like a failure – also another falsehood....
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We used to think that we had to run a lot or load up on some cardio if we wanted to lose fat. Weightlifting, we were told, wasn’t so good for losing weight. It just makes you bigger & bulkier, right? Well, now we know that’s not true. Science shows that strength training is more...
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Are you ready for the summer? That’s a loaded question this year, isn’t it? But despite the uncertainty all around us, let’s remember that summer is almost here. What does that mean for your healthy lifestyle? Well, it usually means looking better with fewer clothes on, as we spend more time outdoors, right? And that’s...
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I love springtime! Who doesn’t, right? The flowers, the longer days, the chance to start or renew seasonal activities that will help us enjoy healthier lifestyles. And who couldn’t use a boost in health after a year of pandemic #amIright?! What are your favorite springtime activities that are good for your exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing? Here...
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