Fat Loss
Even as a Fitness Professional, sometimes I feel my own head spinning with the amount of diet plans, supplements, coaches, and offers on the market. It almost seems like every Facebook friend is selling a different solution. So, today I want to offer you 3 ways that you can drop body fat that cost nothing...
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This workout is meant to be completed with light weight and quick reps.  Quick, but not sloppy! 🙂 Equipment Needed: Stairs, Bike, Jump Rope Dumbbells 30 Min Cardio Choice:  Pick One OR a combination (EX: 15min run, 15min bike) of them that add up to 30 minutes. – Run, Stair Runs, High Knees, Bike, Sprints (10...
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Workout Wednesday – Full Body Scorcher Equipment Needed: Booty Resistance Band Circles (Optional) Treadmill (Also optional) Run a mile as fast as able. Your Fastest Mile — Push it for the ENTIRE mile!!… Don’t worry hopefully it’ll be over fast! 4 Rounds: 20 Push-ups (No Matter What) 20 Full Sit-ups (hook your feet under something...
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Here’s a quick little routine to get a sweat on anywhere! All you need is a set of stairs and a soft spot for your tail bone (abs)! Comment how it went! Equipment Needed: Stairs Heart Lungs 10 Rounds: 15 Deep Squat Stair Jumps. 15 Walking Lunges – (right, left is 1 rep). 1 Stair...
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How to Make a DELICIOUS Fat Loss Stew (that is full of flavor) – SculptorBody Fitness Let me start by saying that I am absolutely loving The Sculptor Coach’s Fat Loss Salad recipe (you can get it here.)  It’s a great way to be able to follow #TheSculpFastLifestyle nutrition plan that is simple, easy to...
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