Do you want to avoid the holiday weight gain this year!?!? We got you.

This is why we want you to meet Koni.

She actually LOST weight over Thanksgiving… and we want to give you the 8 tips for fat loss that she used for FREE!

Just to show you how invested we are in getting you the results that you desire, we want to send you two of our most downloaded e-books of the year to help you avoid the Holiday bulge:

1) Our Restaurant Cheat Sheet Guide is packed with over 90 pages of healthier options when eating out or supplementing!

-= AND =-

2) Our Ultimate Fat-Loss Smoothie Guide has 15 fresh, new smoothie recipes designed to be no brainers when it comes to helping shed that unwanted fat off!

And lets be honest…

  • The meal plans you’ve followed before were hard and restrictive. Let’s get you eating the foods that you love (because IF you’re like me – I love a crazy good bowl of ice cream!)
  • You’re busy over the holidays and you need a workout plan that fits in with your schedule.
  • You would rather be 5 lbs lighter rather than 5 lbs heavier when the new year arrives in less than 3 weeks.


The reason for this blog post is that if you’re feeling like Koni was…

…and if you’re smart and committed to getting in better shape, but have struggled to find a plan that works for YOU…

…then I want to invite you to what we call “Early Bird Season”.

You know what they say about the early bird…


The goal of your Busy ‘N Fit plan is simple; We get rid of what is NOT working. We blow past your roadblocks. We help you to figure out where you WANT to go… like what your DREAM body looks like.Then we give YOU the plan.

In case you need extra support in IMPLEMENTING your plan – we also plug you into our incredible community of coaches and fellow participants on the same mission as you. You will get ridiculously valuable tips, tricks, and hacks to accelerate your results even further!Fair enough?

If all that sounds good to you… and you would like to start your Early Bird Season NOW…

Click here  or send us and email and we’ll get you started and send you your FREE stuff!

P.S. Whatever you decide – we will still give you the free tips and guides for FREE!!! Because we are truly dedicated to helping you get results.

We can’t wait to see your transformation,

-Team SculptorBody

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