Kenan Bryant
Shred workout tables are set to the intermediate level. For the beginner or advanced levels use the Modified levels table below to determine proper exercise duration and rest times.   Exercise Duration/Rest Between Exercises Beginner = 20 seconds/40 seconds Intermediate = 30 seconds/30 seconds Advanced = 40 seconds/20 seconds The Exercises Push-Ups (10-50 reps) Chair...
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Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 28-Day Metabolic Switch Challenge Season 7 and made it a success! You guys raised the bar even higher this season! This post was created so that we can extend a special congratulations to Dana Kulics, the Season 7 Grand Prize Winner! She won the trip for two to...
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It occurred to me recently that way, too many people get to the end of their lives and never live out their dreams. Whether it’s fear, obligation, resourcefulness, or something else holding them back, it makes me sad. We all have dreams — every human. Some of mine are: My dream to have 10,000+ people...
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A superset is a combination of one exercise performed right after the other with no rest in between them. With each superset you perform your rest time is 60 seconds before moving on to the next superset. Once you complete one full round you rest for 2 minutes before you repeat the round. Complete 3...
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A tri-set is three different exercises performed one after another, without any rest in between. Within each tri-set, perform each exercise for 30 seconds. After each tri-set is completed, rest 45 seconds before moving on to the next tri-set. After you complete one full round rest 2 minutes before starting another round. Complete three full...
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