Alastair Hunte
If I ask about your diet, you naturally think about food, right? But what if we include all kinds of things we consume every day? What does our “diet” look like for our emotions, brains, or social lives? Consider each of these categories, what you consume, how it affects you – and where you can...
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My grandpa used to say, “Life goes by so fast that sometimes you can’t believe it.” As a kid, I never really knew what he meant. I was always impatient for the next birthday or Christmas or summer vacation, which seemed FOREVER away, right? I bet you were the same way. Later in life, I started...
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One of the most important days in American history is Juneteenth, commemorating enslaved people’s emancipation. Juneteenth is short for June 19. It marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure all the slaves were freed. Two months after the Civil War ended and two and...
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I have this voice in my head that’s always telling me I can’t do something – that I’m not good enough, that my plans will never work out. It’s my Inner Saboteur. You have one, too. Everybody does. I used to succumb to my Inner Saboteur. I’d let him hijack my thoughts, keep me from...
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The stresses of daily life keep us wound up all the time. Between work, household duties, kids, spouses, and more, we have blinders on, and it’s easy to feel like we don’t have a moment to slow down. To really ENJOY life. To share that appreciation for all the beautiful things in our lives. Modern...
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